Visit The Dallas Zoo

If you want to see amazing animals from around the world nearInterurban apartments , head to the Dallas Zoo. It was founded in 1888 when a man from Colorado City sold two deer and two mountain lions to the city of Dallas for sixty dollars. Today, the zoo spans ninety-seven acres and is home to eight thousand animals that are spread out over a variety of exhibits. They include:

Wilds of Africa

Wilds of Africa opened in 1990 and it’s the first zoo exhibit in the world to feature ever major habitat on the continent. According to the zoo’s website, it features habitats in order to highlight the fragile bond between man, animals, and the environment, as well as to show how animals are suited for their particular habitat.

Giants of the Savanna

Giants of the Savanna was recognized for Significant Achievement by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums in 2011 and it was also named one of the ten best zoo exhibits in 2015 by USA Today. This is because visitors can enjoy interactive experiences as they see a variety of animals such as cheetahs, warthogs, giraffes, and elephants.

Lemur Lookout

This one-of-a-kind habitat is among the first in the world to house multiple species of Madagascar primates together. Visitors can stand under the tree-level canopy to observe the lemurs and Aldabra tortoises as they entertain the crowd.

Simmons Hippo Outpost

Mark your calendar as this exciting exhibit will open in the spring of 2017. It will be the first time in sixteen years that Nile hippopotamuses will live at the zoo and the exhibit will feature an underwater viewing window that will give visitors an up-close look at these incredible animals.

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