Take A Trip To The University Of Texas at Arlington Planetarium

One of the songs Texas is best known for is “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” which gives a special shout-out to the stars by saying that “stars at night/are big and bright/ deep in the heart of Texas.” They are and they can be seen nightly at the University of Texas at Arlington Planetarium, a short drive from downtown Dallas apartments. It is one of the largest and most sophisticated planetariums in the state of Texas.

At the Planetarium, you can gaze at the night sky above the dome. The stargazing lasts roughly half an hour and is led by a space scientist from the University of Texas. Then, utilizing the state-of-the-art technology and a 60-foot dome screen, a film all about the ins and outs of space.

The films are on diverse topics. The film,“Astronaut” shows what astronauts should expect to experience in space, how they are chosen, and what effects space has on the body. It allows the public to experience virtually how a rocket launch feels and looks when you are an astronaut. Another film, titled “Phantom of the Universe,” explores dark matter. Dark matter is not visible yet is everywhere in the universe. Galaxies have dark matter and it also resides deep in the earth. The film “Spacepark 360: Infinity” is a full dome show with nine new rides.

The Planetarium also has holiday programs frequently and $2 movies in the summer.

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